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Vietnam now has 12 million people classified as “urban middle-class consumers.” This figure is expected to double in size to 33 million by 2020. Such a rapid increase in consumers brings good news for foreign brands, as consumption is expected to surge.

Stepping in with perfect timing is the International Franchise & Business Opportunities (IFBO) Vietnam 2014. With the congregation of global corporations and brands, IFBO Vietnam presents rewarding commercial prospects for the visionary entrepreneur and stakeholders, and is an excellent platform to uncover and establish new business opportunities.

Already, the proliferation of foreign brands i.e. Starbucks Corporation, McDonald’s, has proved the confidence of foreign investors in recent years. Present and upcoming quality retail space (e.g. Japan’s AEON Mall, Keppel Land’s Saigon Centre Phase 2, Mapletree’s SC Vivocity) also illustrates the vibrancy of the retail scene, indicating tremendous foreign interest.

IFBO Vietnam is an opportunity you must-not-miss if you are looking to have a slice of the pie of the lucrative Vietnamese market.



Exhibiting in IFBO Vietnam 2014

Whether you are looking to penetrate new markets, expand your global footprint or discover new business horizons, come aboard as IFBO Vietnam 2014 effectively enables you to tap on viable long-term prospects in Vietnam.


Visiting IFBO Vietnam 2014

Bringing together international franchise brands and business concepts under one roof at IFBO Vietnam 2014, lucrative business opportunities for the astute entrepreneur and investor will abound!

Event Update


3 new franchise seminar sessions added. 7 day countdown to IFBO Vietnam!

3 new franchise seminar sessions added (held in English)!

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Sneak peeks. International brands aplenty at IFBO Vietnam!

Leading brands and concepts from all over the world will be at IFBO Vietnam!
Đừng bỏ lỡ cơ hội tìm hiểu về các thương hiệu quốc tế...
Forge new partnerships and seal business deals
Thúc đẩy quan hệ đối tác mới và thiết lập giao dịch kinh doanh

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Sneak peeks. International brands aplenty at IFBO Vietnam!

Prepare yourself in advance - What to do at IFBO Vietnam:
1. Explore New Business Opportunities
2. Engage in Face-to-Face Meetings
3. Attend FREE Franchise Seminars
4. Gather Key Reading Material

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8 free seminar sessions conducted by franchise industry experts!

Gain greater knowledge on the basics of franchising and legal aspects as you attend these complimentary talks conducted during IFBO Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s retail market creates favourable conditions for foreign franchised businesses

A clear sign of the strength of the country's growing consumer market, Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade statistics show that as of April, more than 120 foreign enterprises registered for franchising in Vietnam. These franchises achieved annual growth of more than 30% and their annual sales hit more than US$30 million.

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Starting out in franchising? Begin this 4 – 6 Sept. *New dates* / Bắt đầu thực trong nhượng quyền thương mại? Bắt đầu này ngày 4-6. *Ngày mới!*

The key to starting out in franchising is to do your research thoroughly and seek the right advice from the right people, and this exhibition provides you with the ideal platform to do just that.

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Free lessons on franchising / Không bỏ lỡ những bài học miễn phí về nhượng quyền

Learn about franchising at International Franchise &
Business Opportunities (IFBO) Vietnam!

Held on-floor during the exhibition, hear from different experts each day at these complimentary sessions.

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Doing business in Ho Chi Minh City? Your opportunity lies at IFBO Vietnam

Trading Across Borders in Vietnam – Import / Export
According to data collected by Doing Business, exporting a standard container of goods requires 5 documents, takes 21 days and costs USD$610. Importing the same container of goods requires 8 documents, takes 21 days and costs USD$600.

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